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Green lentil 350g

  • NEW! Domestic "du pyu" - type lentil, grown at Impola plant farm
  • Package sizes: 350g, 3kg



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  • Lentils are aromatic and retain their structure well when cooked.
  • Suitable as a rice-like supplement. We especially recommend using it with domestic grain rice (oat, spelt or barley pearls).
  • A good ingredient for soups, sauces and vegetable steaks Give it a try!
  • Lentils are grown in Finland, at the Impola plant farm
  • No pesticides used in cultivation
  • Because the lentils are grown in Finland, it is not a genuine du pyu-lentil. This name can only be used with lentils grown in du pyu region of France. However, the variety is the same.

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