Hemp foods

The whole hemp seed is the basis of hemp foods. You can use the seed as it is and get all the good nutrients of hemp in one "package" that stores for a long time. However, the seed can also be used to make products that are easier and more versatile to use. Our product range includes e.g. cold-pressed hemp oil, peeled hemp seed, hemp protein and hemp groat. Depending on the product, the intake of nutrients can be focused on either oil, protein or fiber as needed.

In addition, we make mixtures such as hemp muesli, hemp oatmeal and oat & hemp pearls, where we use peeled hemp seed as an ingredient. Our hemp chocolates also have a lot (20%) of peeled hemp.

We mainly manufacture the products ourselves. However, our mueslis and chocolates are made by a company specialized in their production. We always deliver their hemp from our farm.

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Hemp cosmetics

Hemp oil is a great product for skin care, both internally and externally. The fatty acid composition of the oil is optimal, including gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is rare in vegetable oils. In addition, the oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.

We wanted to expand the possibilities of using hemp oil in skin care and developed the Natural Cosmetics series based on hemp oil. The products are manufactured by Naviter and the products have the FI-NATURA natural cosmetics certificate.

There are many positive customer experiences about the use of hemp oil in skin care. We can especially recommend it to people with atopy.

You can find a good, well written article about hemp cosmetics at the Rabbit Glow blog.  

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other foods

Camelina oil

Camelina oil is a cold-pressed vegetable oil with a very high omega-3 content. In addition, the oil is rich in antioxidants. Studies by the University of Eastern Finland have shown beneficial effects on cholesterol levels with camelina oil.

oats and gluten free oats

Our selections also include gluten-free oatmeal and bran. Oat pearls may contain traces of grain gluten. Oat pearls are a nutrient-rich and ecological alternative to rice.

broad bean (fava bean)

We offer broad bean as an easy-to-use groat. An excellent alternative to replace meat or foreign-grown soy.

The farm also has ongoing cultivation experiments with soybeans and lentils. We hope that these experiments will also produce food to be sold on the market.

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pet products and feeds

Hemp is also good for horses, dogs, birds (including outdoor birds) and for many other domestic animals and pets.

Hemp seeds and oil are easy to use and tasty.

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star product of the month!

Hemp muesli -20%

Muesli contains peeled hemp seeds 15 %, oat flakes (natural) 63,5 % and blueberries 5 %. Honey and natural whole grain sugar are used as sweeteners. Muesli also contains water and canola oil. All ingredients except cane sugar are domestic.

Enjoy e.g. with yogurt or milk.


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