Hemp is an old crop whose production is reviving. We grow oil hemp that produces a seed crop. Fiber hemp is also cultivated in Finland, from which the fiber and the woody inner layers of the stem are used.


The variety we cultivate is Finola, which produces good-quality seed and is ready for harvesting even in Finland's short growing season. Finola is also a shorter variety, which makes threshing substantially easier. Our aim is to sow as early as possible in May, however hemp should not be sown in wet ground. Harvesting takes place between late September / early October and the beginning of November.

It is not necessary to use plant protection agents for hemp, and there are no approved products on the market either. Instead, fertilizers should be used for hemp, otherwise the growth may remain modest. In the early stages of its growth, hemp needs fast-dissolving nitrogen in order to start growing strong. Strong initial growth helps in the competition against weeds and also against early summer drought. Organic fertilization can also be used, but it is still useful to give fast-dissolving nitrogen as a starter fertilizer in the spring.