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Camelina oil

  • 100% pressed from domestic hemp seeds
  • Packaging sizes: 250ml and 3l



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Camelina oil is cold-pressed, so it contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids - alpha-linolenic acid, tocopherol and plant sterols. Camelina seed oil content is 40-47% of dry matter. 54% of the fatty acids in the oil are polyunsaturated (canola oil 32%), of which 40% is alpha-linolenic acid (canola 8%) and linoleic acid 15% (canola 20%), which are essential for humans. These polyunsaturated fatty acids have been found to help lower blood LDL cholesterol levels and thus have an impact on cardiovascular health. Thanks to its valuable fatty acid composition, Camelina oil is a functional, i.e. healthy food.

The most important plant sterols in food are vegetable oils. Camelina oil contains sterols in total 442 mg/100g, the main component of which is sitosterol (75mg/100g). Cold-pressed oil contains more sterols and vitamin E, which acts as a natural antioxidant, than refined oil. Plant sterols and vitamin E together help lower blood cholesterol levels.

Camelina oil is suitable for all kinds of cooking. When used as such, its fine almond aroma comes into its own in various salads and as a topping for cooked vegetables. The oil is also suitable for baking.

Camelina oil is pressed from 100% domestic seeds.

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